The French Riviera Institute answers Pope Benedict XVI's call:
Calling on all European Christians of good will to unite their efforts to become a "creative minority that determines the future."

And to Pope Francis' call:
"The Church is asked to step out of itself and go to the peripheries, not only geographical, but also the ones of existence."

The French Riviera Institute is an organization where entrepreneurs exchange and network to build trusted friendships. As an active minority, members strive to restore Europe's and the world's Christian soul.

Why French Riviera Institute

The French Riviera Institute (FRI) strives to bring together business leaders and visionaries to encourage collaboration and the free exchange of ideas.

Christophe Machard, president of the FRI, originally launched the project after he realised how enemies of the truth put their means at the service of evil. It is necessary to convince Catholic entrepreneurs to openly display their Christianity and their desire to evangelise. But Catholic entrepreneurs need to know they aren’t alone – they need to know that other faithful business leaders share their convictions.

By hosting yearly meetings, where spouses are also encouraged to attend, the FRI provides a pleasant environment that fosters friendships and fellowship amongst Catholic entrepreneurs. The three-day conferences are marked by a Catholic atmosphere, with several Masses a day, confessions, and prayer.

Msgr. Dominique Rey

Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon France
All over Europe, Church movements and private organisations are developing initiatives to bear witness to the Gospel. While these projects receive tremendous support, there are many Christian leaders who are unaware of these opportunities for collaboration.
The French Riviera Institute sets out to bring together key players to facilitate dialogue and collaboration to meet the challenge of Europe’s secularisation with the conviction that Christianity, both a heritage and a promise, lies before us.

Christophe Machard

President of FRI
We act in response to the call of Pope Francis, who affirms that “the Church must go to the geographical peripheries but those of existence: those of the mystery of sin, suffering, injustice, of all forms of misery.”
The French Riviera Institute, dedicated to Christ and to the proclamation of the Gospel, wants to serve the common good in each of our countries and promote integral ecology, the social doctrine of the Church and the culture of life. Each year, it holds a convivial meeting in the heart of the French Riviera, offering an atmosphere of prayer, relaxation and sharing.
Please join us for our third conference on the French Riviera, October 19-22, 2023.

Program overview

The theme of the event is: Companies: vectors of re-evangelization.

The French Riviera Institute (FRI) strives to bring together business leaders and visionaries to encourage collaboration and the free exchange of ideas. 

Our guest speakers - inspiring personalities - will give you practical techniques, methods and ideas to develop projects, invest your resources and help you to take action for the greater good. 

Our program for the second FRI conference offers: 
  • Round-table discussions and lectures from spiritual and business leaders 
  • Fine dining
  • Time for reflection and debate
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration with participants from Europe, America, and Asia 
  • An environment that fosters spiritual growth and fellowship, creating solidarity between believers